Outdoorproof and powerful Rotator

Hi everyone,
inspired by the rotator of @Yohan_Hadji (Satnogs - All Metal "Box Mountable" Rotator) we (a student team) planned a rotator for our needs. We would be very glad if you could have a look at the design and maybe point out any flaws we didn’t think of. The mounting holes and the lids of the waterproof 3d-printed housing are still missing. I will update a new version later :slight_smile:

Following parts are used:

|2| waterproof closed loop Nema23 5A 2Nm Link
|2| HBS860H driver Link
|2| RV030 Gearbox Link
|1| switching power supply 48V 20.8A 1000W Link
|1| double shaft Link
|1| single shaft Link
|2| shaft adapter from 8mm -> 11mm Link
|2| Alu Key Hub Link
|1| Steel key hub for the base Link
|3| radial shaft seals d1 = 30mm Link
|1| standing steel pipe 60mm 3.6mm thick
|2| torque arms |CNC|
|1| gearboxadapter |CNC|
|1| Adapterplate for standing pipe|CNC|
|1| antenna pipe 42mm 2mm thick
|2| Mastfußschelle Schelle Link
|1| housing+ 2 O-ring seals|3D-printed|
I hope this link to the step file works. Used NX to create the model.

Changes regarding the inspiration:

  • more powerful stepper with encoders -> no need for endstops
  • waterproof housing to assure constant hopefully maintenance free operation on top of a institute building
  • larger diameter standing pipe to have a high safety margin even during very strong wind gusts(above 120km/h) while using a dish antenna

V2 is now online. The housing is not finished yet but also has low priority.
I hope shielding the housing with aluminum or copper tape on the inside will reduce the noise from the stepper motors enough so that a longer pipe for the antennas is not needed. Other than the added grabcad antenna not much has changed.