Observation 542523: QB50P1 (40025)

Regarding Observation 542523

Can this observation be considered successful? I interpret those two lines as the satellite and I think those slightly lighter tones in the fall throughout the recording is not interference, any feedback?

Same as Observation 538828: SAMSAT-218D (41466)

Those two lines are some form of other signal.


Thanks for the replies

I am still bit confused though regarding the vetting process.
The tangent lines are either noise or data that is irrelevant to the current observation, yes?
And the actual data that is attempted to retrieve is supposed to appear as a bars right in the middle of the graph?

Exactly, this curved lines could be other satellites or terrestrial signals. There are two exceptions, when the TLEs of the satellite are too old (not automatically updated for some reason) and if the TLEs are not the right ones (in new deployments until we find out which norad id is the right one for the satellite).

You are right, line or bars should appear in a straight line at the center, if satellite doesn’t drift and the station has been properly adjusted. In case that satellite drifts or the station isn’t adjusted then you will see a small deviation that could be few KHz.

So I understood that correctly.
But one more thing then. The first observation I made with this setup: https://network.satnogs.org/observations/542515/

At first I thought I got nothing as the waterfall is practically empty, but then I listened through the audio clip which has a “modulating” tone and I assumed that the tangent lines were the signal I was looking for.
Was I correct to assume that the observation is GOOD, considering that though the waterfall is empty, there is some kind of audio beacon active?

Unfortunately it is bad (I’ve just changed it), what you hear in the audio is these two signals you see in the waterfall.

When you are in doubt the best thing you can do is to check other observations by clicking on the satellite name. However have in mind also that the vetting system is not 100% accurate, so there are false positives.

So that what it was. Alright then, I’ll start scheduling observations and see what I can pick up.

Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated!

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