Observation 4895996: METEOR M-2 (40069) - bandwith of waterfall

Regarding Observation 4895996

The S/N of this observation is far from being excellent, but I’ve just realized that the bandwith of the waterfall is approx. the third of a successful one.
Mine is ~45 kHz, others have ~140 kHz, like this: Observation 4894710.

Is it just a waterfall generation artifact or have I misconfigured something?

Hi, Decoding Meteor M2 does not work right away. I have made a Howto:

Several people used it, maybe you can use it too. Best regards, Eelke.


Thank you, I could install it successfully! :slight_smile: Observation #4902173

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Thanks for the message! Good to now you succeeded! Beautiful picture you got. Italy is easy to recognize. Best regards.

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