Observation 4862498: LILACSAT 2 (40908) - no decoded data


Regarding Observation 4862498: waterfall seems pretty good, as well as S/N, but there are no decoded data.

For comparison, the almost simultaneous Observation 4862475, seemingly worse S/N was quite successful with 3 decoded packets.

This is quite frequent with my station, and I can’t find out why.
Is it because of software misconfiguration, or some kind of problem with my rig or just bad luck?

Any advice is much appreciated!

That station has probably gr-satellites installed, which decoded the 3 packets. These can be recognized by file name ending with _g0, _g1, etc.

See Install the satnogs_gr-satellites "addon" and use your station more! for installation instructions.

Best regards, Eelke.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m going to install it!

Update: works like a charm! Thank you again!

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