Observation 2530032: FOX-1A (40967) - Wondering where the interference can be from

Regarding Observation 2530032

This observation is marked bad because FOX-1A does not appear. (I schedule ‘dead’ sats now and then to check up on them.)

I haven’t listened to this yet but that interference looks sort of interesting. Definitely FM and I have only seen it on this observation and also a little on a NOAA observation.

Any ideas what it could be?

You can actually hear 2 seperate repeater QSO’s going on at the same time. Could this be intermod? Or perhaps the “frequency switching” problem combined with intermod?

Hm. I do know of a repeater N9IAA which I use to get parts of in some Fox sat obs. Just because its so powerful. (Its in Valpo, IN and I am in Chicago, IL)

So I know what one of them might be. No idea what the other one might be,