Observation 2767717: NUSAT 1 (41557) VR2KP Terrestrial Repeater

Regarding Observation 2767717

I thought this pass was quite unusual as you can clearly hear the Hong Kong VR2KP terrestrial repeater at the beginning. From some research the output of VR2KP should be on 435.275 MHz which is nowhere near the uplink frequency from NUSAT1 that seems to be between 435.935 and 435.965 MHz.

VR2KP does have a VHF repeater as well with an output on 145.650 MHz. Again that 300 KHz away from the satellite downlink (not to mention that even if it was sporadic E, it would be a 1612 miles / 2595 km report from Hong Kong to Singapore…)

Happy to hear about your input !


Martin 9V1RM

It could be the loud near by signal of the repeater is getting into the SDR as seen here.
Observation 2552848: KAITUO 1B (40912) - I need to make some sat band filters
and also here Observation 2530032: FOX-1A (40967) - Wondering where the interference can be from

I have issues with “near” by repeaters getting into my obs some times and I have started to make a list for myself so that I can try and debunk or protect against it.

Thanks - It’s really strange as in this specific case, the nearby repeater happens to be over 1600 miles away from me ! And on UHF the repeaters output frequency is 600 KHz away from the satellite uplink.

Question how far away is the 435.275 Mhz Repeater away? If its near by it can indeed be heard on an SDR in a totally incorrect area.

That’s 1600 miles from Singapore.

Very interesting. I might try and do some figuring out in my head to sew if i can come up with a good suggestion on how this happened. Because i am very interested in how this is happening as well.