NORAD ID for DESCENT should be updated

Referring to CelesTrak, the NORAD ID for DESCENT is 46927.
Currently it is 99791.
Thank you.

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Thank you for the info!

I’ve changed the NORAD ID that is followed for DESCENT to be 46927 and I’ve scheduled a couple of observations to check if we can get any signal from the satellite and identify it.

@frenchbazou do you know if there are any observations that prove DESCENT is 46927 or how CelesTrak identified the object?

A related comment I did some time ago in this thread:

A comment about the temporary NORAD IDs and how we change these. As currently there isn’t any source of truth about them, for changing a NORAD ID of a satellite we should have one of these:

  • Observations that show that the satellite follows that NORAD ID
  • Identified all the other satellites of the same deployment with the 1st method, so the remaining is the satellite.

@cgbsat @pierros maybe you can check your latest strf observations for any sign of DESCENT that follows 46927 at 435.775 MHz.

Celestrak has update the ID for DESCENT to be 46927.
If satNOGS DB follows Celestrak, it should be updated.

I am all for the fact that to change an ID a rigorous process should be followed.

Regards and keep up the excellent work !

Laurent Beaudet
satNOGS # 901