How to contribute to satellite info in the DB?

Hello everyone. I’d like to update some satellite info records in the SatNOGS DB, such as adding descriptions and additional names, changing the temporary 98xxx IDs to actual identified NORAD ID, etc. I’ve read through the wiki but still cannot figure out how to propose my changes. This is somewhat frustrating. Did I miss something?

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Hi @arnie97 and welcome.

Unfortunately for now changes for satellite entries can not be suggested through the web site. The main way to coordinate that kind of changes is through the operations repo by using the issues feature. So, for any suggestions please open an issue at

Just a quick comment about the temporary NORAD IDs and how we change these. As currently there isn’t any source of truth about them, for changing a NORAD ID of a satellite we should have one of these:

  1. Observations that show that the satellite follows that NORAD ID
  2. Identified all the other satellites of the same deployment with the 1st method, so the remaining is the satellite.

PS Indeed is not very visible in the wiki how to propose a change, the most related is a reference in on how to add a new mission. Wiki is crowd-sourced project, so any feedback or help to make it more useful and usable is much appreciated.