New satellite CubeL 400.575 MHz

There is a satellite, which is just as of last week having public TLEs:

CubeL (Norad 47448)

3D Mission Animation of PIXL-1 (with CubeLCT) - YouTube
Integrating the Cubesat Space Protocol into GSOC’s Multi-Mission Environment

According to ITU filings, it has an UHF transponder with 437.16 MHz (±10 kHz) assign.

Would it be possible to add this satellite to the database, so one can do further analysis on the waveform?

73 de DL2ZZ

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can you please point us to the source of this info?

From here i can only see TX at 401Mhz.

Nevertheless I added the satellite with no transmitters for now:

thanks for adding it. my info comes from:
Space Services Department (SSD) - SNL Part B - Query result (

ntc_id emi_rcp beam_name grp_id seq_no freq_sym freq_assgn freq_mhz freq_min freq_max
120545040 R U1UHFU 120616298 1 M 437.16 437.16 437.15 437.17
120545040 E U1BEACON 120616297 1 M 437.16 437.16 437.15 437.17
120545040 E U1UHFD 120616296 1 M 437.16 437.16 437.15 437.17

I really really hope those are wrong :wink: Feel free to suggest the transmitter on DB so I can approve it and it will be available to the Network for scheduling.

Could those be the old API/A which then got modified? (the M note)

I think at the moment GomeSpace is doing LEOP, so this explains the non-ham frequencies. I guess they activate 437.16 MHz later. S-band is also to come later.

In that case we could also scan this on the 400 range. Please submit all those as transmitters on DB so we can track them.

I submitted the 400.575 MHz (probably LEOP) and 437.160 MHz in the database.
How do you do the scanning? Does that work with the SatNOGS scheduler?

I just approved them btw. They should be ready for scheduling in the Network now. (note: next time try to also assign a Modulation even if it is not a known one)

This is done with SatNOGS Network and locally too using the strf toolkit.

yes it appears in the scheduler, but claims not to have any TLEs.
Can you manually push a TLE update?

I will have a look at the strf toolkit, did not now about it, but sounds very handy according to the GitHub page.

OK I know now what was the confusion:

The beam_name and grp_id you posted are from UNICORN-1R API/A not from CUBEL.

Those IFICs include API, CR/NOTIF and other information for multiple missions.
I am removing the said transmitters from the DB. (but will be monitoring in 401 :wink: )

Well there is a signal in the first observation :slight_smile:

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I updated the transmitter to MSK AX.100 Mode 6 9600
Just a guess.

Approved :wink: Go hunting!

I saw you suggested a change from MSK to FSK. Please when you submit changed write a bit on the “citation needed” so we can review accordingly.

yes, I will in the future. Figures 2 in:
2020 Roediger - High data-rate optical communication payload for CubeSats (
looks like a NanoCom SDR from GomSpace.

Looking at the spectrum and waveform:

it could be GMSK or GFSK with 9600 baud.

@pierros Gnuradio analysis confirm that it is GMSK 9600 with very likely RS. Can you please approve my transponder change? Thanks!

All done in DB! Thanks for checking.

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it decodes :slight_smile:

hey @pierros would you active scratchpad access for me to create a dashboard? Thanks!

@DL2ZZ you should have the permissions to edit the scratchpad dashboards now.

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