New EntrySat Cubesat



The new cubesat Entrysat (ON2FR) will be launch from ISS next week. Is it possible to add the satelitte in the Database ? I will complete the transmitter part and the NoradID asap.


Documentation :


Just wondering. Does it have the FM rely mentioned in the IARU?

Also normally the administrators set up the transmitters in the DB and assign a temp noradID (Basically just so it can be scheduled on the network until its identified.)

Antares-230 Launch - 2019-04-17 Also as reference. We have been watching this stuff :slight_smile:


Unfortunately not … I arrived at the end of the project. When the Flight Model RF card (ISIS) have been purchased, the repeater option has been forgotten…


Satellite is added in db

It will be available in network ~1 day before deployment, as long as we know the deployment datetime.

@F5MDY do you know if any of the other cubesats that were on the same launch will be deployed too?


Thank you for your fast answer. I will warn you about the right deployement datetime. As we are using nanorack, I assume that several cubesat will be deployed the same day.


Hey Nicolas (@F5MDY)!

I would like to start with a satnogs-decoder for your satellite!
Could you please provide some more informations on how to decode it?
Sampleframes would be great and, if possible, a little more description on the framing you are using. Sure you’re using AX.25 - but what exactly are you using inside the AX.25 packet? I’ve read about PUS but from a single sample frame it is hard to see what your implementation covers.

Thanks in advance,


Really need your help, there are some difficulties in the description on the website:

  • Reading the frame there is only “F6KTA -0”, not “FF6KTA-0”
  • what does packet length count or cover?
  • ok, that time value calculation gets readable once you copied it from the webpage :smiley:
  • any other SIDs oder Modes known?
  • what’s frame status for?
  • I would guess it is a timestamp in seconds since boot!?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Patrick,
Sorry I just come back from holidays. Happy that our cubesat is interesting for you. What do you plan to do exactly ?? The only PUS service for beacon mode is this one. Other HK are triggered by TC.

  1. You are right, I made a mistake with call, it is F6KTA-0 !! I will correct the website.
  2. Packet lenght is normaly the size of the packet field including TM data field header and the source data but I should double-checked, a byte is missing !!!
  3. I didn’t understand your comment about time : a joke ???
  4. Mode 01 is Orbital mode, beacon is still working in this mode
  5. The AX.25 Time is a number of second since 2000/1/1 @ 00:00:100 in little endian. It is to timestamp the frame itself, the time upper is used to timestamp the informations of the informations.

Best 73,

  1. there no mistake on the packet length. It is the count of bytes of the packet data field including the packet CRC minus one. In this case : 19 bytes from “10 : Spare/TM source packet number/ Space (fixed)” to “1f c6 : Packet CRC” minus 1 : 18 bytes or 0x0012 bytes

  2. Frame Status is composed :

  • 4 bits : b0 (MSB) to b3 : that give information of following Time : b0 (0: no time field; 1 : time field), b1 to b3 : size to time field in bytes + one. in this case : 1011 = 0xb
  • 2 reserved bits : 00 unused
  • 2 bits : modulo 4 TC counter (not use here) : 00


If your are interesting, the kaitai file (*.ksy) for Entrysat is avaliable on :

It’s used to implement an EntrySat decoder in java. [ java source code for telemetry decoding] (


Hah, great, I also generated one!
Let me compare :wink:


Yeah, well, that looks good! Proud to see this progress! My approach looks very similar, so maybe we could synchronize them to have a decoder for the data warehouse!



Be careful on using the bit types in kaitai - there is an issue with MSBit and LSBit. So please double check the results. If you run into trouble, I can give you some hints how to ship around this.


Any news in the date?


Last schedule : first week of July … 73, Nicolas

New satellite: Światowid

If you read it on the webpage the asterisk seems to be translated into some markdown code or similar - so the calculation gets unreadable :wink:


Hello, EntrySat deployement is schedule July 1st


Hello fredy,
The deployement of EntrySat is scheduled tomorrow July 3th at 15h00 UTC. Is it possible to activate it in the system using the same TLE than ISS ???


Thanks for notifying me, I’m going to add ISS TLE in a couple of hours and schedule observations for it.


Now EntrySat follows ISS TLE until we get any extra norad id. Observations are scheduled on several stations!