Antares-230 Launch - 2019-04-17

According to there will be a launch of Antares-230 with several cubesats:

VCC A (Aeternitas), VCC B (Libertas), VCC C (Ceres), Bird JPN (Uguisu), Bird LKA (Raavana 1), Bird , PL (NepaliSat 1), IOD-GEMS (IOD 1), EntrySat, Światowid, KrakSat, AeroCube 10A, AeroCube 10B, SASSI2, Seeker, NSLSAT 1.

Let’s try to find frequencies, modes and encoding info. Also we are seeking for preliminary TLEs.


Karksat -
Swiatowid -
Uguisu -
Raavana 1 -
NepaliSat1 -
EntrySat -

I can’t find any information on the IARU about any other sats.

General information on other sats

The VCC sats -
AeroCube (10A and 10B) -
Seeker -
NSLSAT 1 -;topic=45110.0;attach=1503714

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More on Karksat -
More on EntrySat -
More on Swiatowid - (I hope there encryption is only on their uplink) They also have an FM Transponder according to the IARU entry.
More on the Bird Sats -

Some info on ThinSats -

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About Swiatowid : New satellite : Światowid

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If this is anything like last time, the cubesats are onboard the Cygnus as cargo, to be deployed from either the ISS’s cubesat deployer at some point in the future, or they are on some other launcher system, to be deployed after the Cygnus departs the ISS.

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Yep. Only 3 sats are going to be deployed from Cygnus itself.

The ThinSats will be deployed at launch off the second stage.
Seeker is going to be deployed either on launch or after undocking.
NSLSAT-1 is to be launched after undocking at a 500km orbit.

Also found another sat on board.
Declined although its in the Coordinated section.
SpooQy-1 -

More info

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Seems SpooQy-1 will be using 435.300/437.50 based off of

No idea how current it is.

About Światowid :wink: