New satellite: Światowid

The new satellite Światowid is waiting for launch on ISS. Is it possible to add a satellite to data base?
I will provide NORAD-ID after launching.
Thanks :wink:

TYPE: Transreceiver (half-duplex)

MODE: AFSK1k2; APRS frame

BAUD: 1200B/s



Hello @m_wisniewski !

Since I can see that you are directly involved in the project, we have a few additional questions:

  • What is the encoding that you will be using for your frames/telemetry? Where is it publicly documented?
  • What is the information about your FM V/U transponder that your IARU application references?
  • Please also supply information about your S-band transmitter.



Hello @m_wisniewski,

I am from the ham radio club in Grenoble (ADRI38). We help the CSUG about RF stuff and about the setup of the ground station. I met several times the collaborators of Satrevolution when they visited Grenoble to give a talk at the differents reviews meeting of AMICal-SAT, because I am also member of the review panel. (I met several times Artur Wąż and his collegue )

I guess that Światowid and AMICal-SAT share lot of the RF comms, so everything we setup for Światowid will help for AMICal-SAT too.

Regarding the S-band transmitter, is this gnuradio flow still up to date to decode the pictures of Światowid ?

Don’t forget about the wonderful opportunity that SatNOGS give to your corporate image. Because SatNOGS is used by a lot of University projects, lot of the users are in a team that will send a satellite on day or another, so they exactly need what you can sell to them : a cheap and powerfull platform for their project, but to seduce them, you need to be very open about your transmissions and work hard with us to allow a deep integration of your transmissions in our network.

Thank you

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@m_wisniewski any news ?

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Maybe New EntrySat Cubesat for deployment date info.

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I got a few information from the CTO, but not a lot. Soon a decoder made by Daniel Estevez will be released.

or a demodulator? or both? @EA4GPZ any insights here?

I can confirm that I am developing some groundstation software for SatRevolution which involves Swiatowid. For additional details about this software, I suggest you get in contact with SatRevolution.

Since Swiatowid will use the Amateur satellite service, I have been very clear with SatRevolution since the start of this project that they need to publish documentation about the modulation, coding and protocols used by the satellite to comply with the ITU regulations that forbid encoding the messages to obscure their meaning. They have agreed to do so, but I don’t know if such a documentation has been published already.

When I asked for more information on the TM and picture encoding and modulation,
they said that you will release an open-source demodulator and decoder soon.
They also sent me a few raw files, and one document with not much informations in it.
I shared it on IRC.


It took a while for new TLEs to become available but 6 were published earlier this evening. They are objects 44426 through 44431, with 44428, 44429 and 44430 close together, followed by 44431 and then 44426 and 44427 close together as well.

Swiatowid seems to be best matched by object 44426, though object 44427 can not be ruled out yet. We’ll use 44426 and wait for them to drift apart before making the final identification. It is expected that KRAKSAT is the other object, as they were launched together. To date we have not received signals from KRAKSAT.


Swiatowid is identified as object 44427, however it is object 44426. Verified by this observation. NORAD ID is now changed on both DB and Netowork.


Any news about this satellite ?
Is the S-band working ?

It seems that the attitude stabilisation do not work, all the pictures I saw seems very disappointing.
on there is something strange about power consumption, maybe it’s related with attitude stabilisation problem ?