New satellite: Światowid



The new satellite Światowid is waiting for launch on ISS. Is it possible to add a satellite to data base?
I will provide NORAD-ID after launching.
Thanks :wink:

TYPE: Transreceiver (half-duplex)

MODE: AFSK1k2; APRS frame

BAUD: 1200B/s



Antares-230 Launch - 2019-04-17

Hello @m_wisniewski !

Since I can see that you are directly involved in the project, we have a few additional questions:

  • What is the encoding that you will be using for your frames/telemetry? Where is it publicly documented?
  • What is the information about your FM V/U transponder that your IARU application references?
  • Please also supply information about your S-band transmitter.



Hello @m_wisniewski,

I am from the ham radio club in Grenoble (ADRI38). We help the CSUG about RF stuff and about the setup of the ground station. I met several times the collaborators of Satrevolution when they visited Grenoble to give a talk at the differents reviews meeting of AMICal-SAT, because I am also member of the review panel. (I met several times Artur Wąż and his collegue )

I guess that Światowid and AMICal-SAT share lot of the RF comms, so everything we setup for Światowid will help for AMICal-SAT too.

Regarding the S-band transmitter, is this gnuradio flow still up to date to decode the pictures of Światowid ?

Don’t forget about the wonderful opportunity that SatNOGS give to your corporate image. Because SatNOGS is used by a lot of University projects, lot of the users are in a team that will send a satellite on day or another, so they exactly need what you can sell to them : a cheap and powerfull platform for their project, but to seduce them, you need to be very open about your transmissions and work hard with us to allow a deep integration of your transmissions in our network.

Thank you