New DB Release (Telemetry, Stats, and more)



Latest code of DB just released on production.

This release comes several UI improvements and a few bug fixes, but also some important features for future SatNOGS capabilities.

  • Telemetry data decoding and visualization. This is probably the most important change and the one that is hardest to observer on the website (see below for a screenshot), since we don’t have telemetry data yet from the observations. But the groundwork is there. Kudos to Kei Kreutler, who did most of this work.
  • Add statistics visualizations, which gives us a better overview of the various modes and bands currently on DB. Kudos to @pierros for crafting this.

Release stats:

Bonus telemetry screenshot:

Automatically decode audio
New Network Relase

Very nice progress!

Being able to upload decoded telemetry data and making it available through this way will be very useful for everyone, in particular satellite owners.