New antenna : Diamond SGM507 144 / 430 Mhz

Hi please can you add in a new duel band whip antenna of

Diamond SGM507: 144/430MHz(2m/70cm)

Length:0.73m / Weight:155g
Gain:2.15dBi(144MHz),5.2dBi(430MHz) / Max.power rating:70W
Impedance:50ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.5:1 / Connector:MP
Type:1/2wave radialless(144MHz),2x5/8wave radialless(430MHz)

Thank you
See :-

There is already a VHF Vertical and UHF Vertical antenna in the list, which reflect your antenna closely enough.

I really don’t see the point of the huge list of antennas currently present, which mostly represent similar things (vertical, yagi, turnstile, etc…) just with slightly different frequency ranges. It should really be a frequency range (or a set of ranges), and a custom description field where the operator can provide details.

My 5c+GST.

Mark VK5QI

1 Like has a suggetsed feature for reworking how satellites are defined.

I’m just getting into satellite reception, and as a newbie I would find it interesting to see statistics on which antennas are able to get the most decoded messages, sliced by the types of satellites and frequencies I am most interested in.


It is not a complete answer to your question, but you will find interesting information in the following threads:

From there, you can dig a little more to get partial answer to your question.


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Indeed there is this issue some time now, I’m planning to fix this in the next days.

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Hi Mark
I hadn’t realised I could just add in from the list , I thought you had to tell Satnogs specifics for some data collection about antenna types etc. Have changed this morning as you suggested.
Perhaps a better way is for a frequency range and a comment on the station page of vertical , dipole , Helical etc ? Also have the list by hf , vhf , uhf etc then the build type instead of one long jumbled list ?
As always great support from the satnogs community, looking forward to the iss sstv pass later today over Nz


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