More progress - waterfalls!

This has been a month full of progress! We have a gnuradio script working in the client that can produce files that are able to be decoded at high data rates. We have successfully decoded data collected from at least a dozen satellites. While the decode process is still manual at the moment we have plenty of code to test out to make this an automated process as well.

Tonight is another milestone: the updated client (in github) and gnuradio scripts will generate waterfall images that end up in the observation page. Here are a couple of samples (click on the icon that says “waterfall” below the audio to expand the waterfall):

SO-50 (FM Voice)

(this one was then decoded by @azisi using gr-satellites scripts, see Observation 958: GOMX 1 )

You can clearly see the transmissions in the waterfall. The waterfalls will help us to more quickly and easily determine what passes have been ‘successful’ and need further observation.

Now, the coloring could be a little more specific - if someone has gnuplot experience and want to help out with suggestions please let us know!