Looking for a GS100 Radio for an Amateur-Radio CubeSat Project

For a GomSpace NanoCom AX100U Amateur Radio CubeSat transceiver that we’ve had lying around for some time, we (the Student Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station FHASOF with call sign DL0FHA) are in urgent need of a NanoCom GS100 ground station modem/radio. Since this unit is no longer for sale by GomSpace, I am asking if anyone has a GS100 that they no longer have any use for? The radio may be as good as new, used, or needing repair depending on its condition and price. As radio amateurs, we have, of course, the ambition to make such a device functional again.

Your potential contribution could be the key to helping us bring up an exciting new amateur radio satellite mission to this community.

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Example of Amateur-Radio Operations at FHASOF