Kicking off OpenAstrodynamics with your kind help

Hi all!

I introduce myself: my name is Juan Luis Cano and I’m an Aerospace engineer working as a Python developer at Satellogic. I attended the Open Source Cubesat Workshop this week and got to know Pierros Papadeas and other people from the Libre Space foundation. Amazing work!

The workshop started with a session on Astrodynamics, where Helge Eichorn presented a library written in Julia and I presented one written in Python. The questions “why duplicate effort?” and “why other astrodynamics library?” popped, and along with Kartik Kumar (who wrote his own library in C++) we decided to join efforts while keeping our own projects. This is our vision:

We would like to introduce ourselves to the Libre Space community and offer our software for use in real missions, so you can try them and ask for features or requirements.

I hope that this is the beginning of a long collaboration and that we can meet in person again soon.

Questions? :slight_smile: