Google Summer of Code 2019


Google Summer of Code 2019 has been announced:

Applications for interested open source project organizations open on January 15, 2019, and student applications open March 25.

poliastro and other projects of the Open Astrodynamics initiative (see Kicking off OpenAstrodynamics with your kind help) will probably participate under mentor organizations such as OpenAstronomy or Aerospace Research.

Does Libre Space Foundation intend to participate this year? I am not sure if I will have enough spare time but at least I would like to lend a hand in clearing any barriers for LSF to be accepted.

Of course if anyone wants to participate with poliastro, let me know :wink:


I’ve mentored SOC in the past (way past… like, their first year) and it works real well for implementing features with a finite scope that could be attained within the time of the program. That said, I think we have plenty of opportunities that would fit those requirements.



Awesome I’ve managed a couple of times our Google Summer of Code project applications.

Hopefully this year we will make it so!