IZ5RZR - Building of Satnogs rotator V. 3.0.1 - ROTATOR IS DONE!


Finally I got a few pieces from China and Italy and I’m starting the assembly, in the meantime I’m printing all the parts of the project with the 3D printer Anet A8 with PET-G filament, very very resistant to bad weather and high temperatures. The white PETG filament of the E-SUN is truly exceptional and the worm gear is printed very well


Work in progress and little tricks
If L shape hidden corner was too long, you can mount in rear slot like my pictures

Boom and Ball bearings are 40mm diamater so the bearing does not want to enter and flow on the boom. A trick is to file the pole surface with abrasive paper until the bearing enters and flows. With very fine paper, you can also polish the pole to make it slide.


The rotor is almost completely assembled, I had some problems in the worm gear because the 3D prints did not come well, so they did not turn well in the boom gear. I have therefore modified the print settings:
ANET A8 printer
PETG material, temperature 230 degrees, heated bed 70, cooling fans switched on at 60 percent, layer 0.2. The worm gear came perfect, and now it runs very well in the boom gear.
Agis and Team Satnogs gave me a great gift, sending me all the necessaries for the DC motor version. The PCB is really fantastic and the engineering design is spectacular.
I thank all the Team and in particular Agis for giving me this opportunity.
… see you soon with the rotor tests


UPDATE 18 OCT 2018
Now the rotator is finish.
It’s fantastic system engeenering
Now it’s being tested, but from the first tests it works great.
I thank AGIS and the Team Satnogs for this fantastic project.
I have taken care of the electrical part with regard to the shielding for disturbances caused by the drivers of the steppers placing at the beginning and end of the cables of the ferrite cores because in the previous version (V.2 rotator) I had many problems of noise caused by the drivers a4988
Soon a video will follow with the tests of the antennas and of the tracking system


Nice build. I like the cable clips you’ve got there. Where did you get them from?


Hi. There are many clips for 2020.
Search cable holder 2020 on thingiverse.com


Ok, didn’t think they would be printed but it makes sense


yes,you can print it. It takes about 3 min for 1 pieces