IZ5RZR - Building of Satnogs rotator V. 3.0.1 - ROTATOR IS DONE!

Hi Alfredo. Actually not, but I think to do that.
5.18 stepper motor is strong enough to hold grid antenna but surely a counterweight is better

What size dish is that?

Hi, I’ve found the picture on the internet, no idea about the size, sorry. But it seems bigger than IZ5RZR one!
But I liked the implementation of the counterweight on the satnogs rotator.

I am impressed with the construction of this rotator. Was it made on a 3D printer?

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What can you do with a 3D printer, and what can you buy online to get a working rotator?

@lucas.tesla Check out the SatNOGS rotator page for detailed instructions.


About a dozen parts are 3D printed, the rest of the part are available from various online vendors. Built one myself about a year ago, a rewarding project.

A commonly used commercial rotator is a Yaesu G-5500.