Is it possible to use own decoders for specific satellites?

I would like to use custom demodulators and decoders for the data my station receives, mainly for testing purposes. For example, I’d like to use aptdec for the NOAA satellites which should be just a single command solution (takes wav/ogg, outputs image), and I would like the aptdec image output to be uploaded to the satnogs database. Eventually I would also like to integrate my own grc flowcharts for some more “niche” satellites (especially S-band ones in the future). Is this possible, and, perhaps more importantly, would it be practical?

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@dereksgc it should be possible to call your own decoders similar to how gr-satellites is called via the satnogs-pre and satnogs-post scripts (satnogs-setup → Advanced → Scripts)

Similar to this thread.

In terms of the data types (such as a full resolution multi-band METOP-C DB AVHRR image in png format) and ?upload constraints? to SatNOGS DB, others here can speak to that better than I could.

Scott (satcolintel5)


You can save audio and IQ data and also connect to an UDP socket that makes IQ available.

The last option is also used by the gr_satellites integration.

I would proposes to use the gr_satellites solution.