Integrating Gpredict with SDRs such as GNURadio

Hi everyone, I’m a student software developer and am relatively new to the community. After reading through the forum posts, I was wondering if there has been any attempt to integrate the process of tracking of satellites as well as antenna control in Gpredict and the TX/RX of data through SDR such as GNURadio. If not, would there be concerns or advice with integrating the two together? Any response would be much appreciated, thank you very much.

GNU Radio itself is not and SDR, it is a framework for developing SDR applications… Anyhow, there is a gr-gpredict-doppler block for GNU Radio, which can understand tracking data from gpredict, although I do not know the present status of this project and how well it works with the latest GNU Radio.

As for specific SDR applications, Gqrx has built-in support for receiving tracking data from gpredict, and there is also a plugin for SDR#.

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