SDRSharp connector plugin

Hi Folks,
i wrote a plugin to connect Gpredict to SDRSharp. Maybe some of you find it useful?
The plugin can be found here:

So enjoy!
Please report all bugs/problems/ideas via the github issue tracker :slight_smile:



Very nice Alex, I will try this soon - I just don’t come to windows very often :wink:

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Very nice, i 'll play with it very soon.

Hi together,

a new Version of the SDRSharp.GpredictConnector plugin is available.
Get v0.3 and additional infos here:



Hi Alex,

I use your plugin with great pleasure since day 1.
But have a question…
Is there a possibility to provide a button or slider somewhere that makes it possible to set a small frequency deviation compared to the frequency obtained from gpredict.
Compare it with the RIT button on a transceiver.
This makes it possible to listen to a frequency slightly different to the basefrequency and with respect to its dopler shift.


Gpredict and the plug-in for SDR# seem to work quite nicely. Impressed with the power and amount of detail available with these wonderful tools. I do wonder, as a newbie - I do some weather satellite decoding to create satellite images of weather. I use 3 satellites - NOAA 15, 18 and 19. I realize I can display the positions of many satellites. It looks like I can track ONE satellite and have the frequency changed in SDR# for that one satellite. Is it possible to track all three satellites (or more) and as they fly over the horizon, have SDR# change to the correct frequency - one after the other?

Congratulation on a marvelous tool - very impressed, really!

You can enable “Autotrack” in the module menu. I think that’s what you are looking for.

Sorry for beeing absent for a while, some family stuff… :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for @josephco the proposal about the RIT functionality! I think this could be a very helpful feature. I will put it on my todo list.