I have a dimension problem

I have a dimensional problem connecting the steppe to the side worm assy. But it seems that either i have the wrong belt or the strut is wrong.

I would like to ilustrat this with a picture, but it seems i connot upload a picture to the forum.
So how can i upload a picture??

Hello @berdien1955 !

I have updated your status on the forum and you can now post. Let me know if that works for you.

Which version are you building, and what size is your belt

The one described here https://ohai.satnogs.org/project/satnogs-rotator-v3-mechanical-assembly/hardware/
The belt size is as indicated there a 158

which version of the rotator are you building?

I’m building a 3.1 and works for me.



Or drag and paste it into the new message box.

Now i have find out how to place a picture her’s my build

As you can see the axis are som 60mm apart.

So whats wrong here

That looks like the 3.0.1 version where the motor mounts to the 40mm ball bearing housing. If you look at the latest 3.1 files they have created a new motor mount that connects to the piece of aluminum in the middle.

See the blue piece in the middle, that’s the new motor mount

The difference between the 3.01 build and 3.1 build, is they changed the endstops from photo sensors to mechanical endstops. There’s a few different parts that’s different. Both the sprockets that go into the 40mm bearings are different (one has the mechanical endstop nipple that triggers the endstop) then there’s a spacer that goes in between the 40mm bearing and the sprocket / gear.

List of parts that’s different:

axis_gear.fcstd (Changed Part)
axis_gear_as5601.fcstd (Changed Part)
axis_gear_flange.fcstd (Changed Part)
axis_spacer.fcstd (New Part)
homing_ring.fcstd (New Part)
motor_mount_plastic.fcstd (New Part)
switch_endstop_holder.fcstd (New Part)

motor_mount_flange.fcstd (Only for DC Motor)

Pic of 3.1 assembled

Worm gear assembly is also a little different as well.

Now I am even more confused. If I look at the GITHUB link profided the last changes are more than a year old.

If One is enguraged the build this rotor i would expect that the documentation is right and not several versions.
I am a pure amatur and not a mechanical engineer.

So I must come to the conclusion to bstop for the moment and wait for several years now

Should just be able to print the motor mount and then use the rest of your parts to build a modified 3.01 version if you dont want to print the rest of the 3.1 parts

So its teh part called motor_mount_plastic I supose??
Wher can I find the STL part so it can be printed??


So I downloaded and installed FreeCad to nproduce a stl but all I get is not correct.
Maybe I have to check my brain.
look here :www.shapeways.com/fragments/product?spin=RD42MVZS2

Download Freecad,

Open the part, highlight the Fillet001 and goto file and export, and export as a stl.

Just in case, here is the stl I just uploaded for you


Many thanks. The printer is running now

no problem, yell if you have any more questions!

Be sure to post build progress!

will do that in due time

Just a question about freecad.
So I op[ened a asemblie and i would like to do a free rotatoion of that asemblie.
But it seems that freecad is missing that function. Correct???