Help us test (and build) an all new SatNOGS DB!

We have a new look and feel coming for SatNOGS DB with a goal of making it more usable across screen sizes and use cases, while modernizing the frameworks and widgets we use. In addition, the new user interface is designed to scale out to display more details for each satellite as we adopt MetaSat schema fields, and make it easier for the community to provide updates to our data.

The new user interface is live in testing today at Please try it out and provide feedback! Once all of the blocking issues are fixed, this will go live on, within a matter of days.

The fine print:

The production deployment of this new UI will be tagged version 1.0. As such, we have a milestone for this setup in gitlab for issues that still need fixed or are in progress. Some future ideas and work exists as well and may be slated for after the production release.

If you run into bugs or ideas for improvement, please check the gitlab issues to see if it is already known or in progress, and feel free to file an issue there, mention it in thread here, or hop in to the #satnogs-dev channel on Matrix to chat about it.

The app itself is built on Python, Django, with Bootstrap4 and AdminLTE 3.0 for the frontend. If you would like to help us develop the app further please let me know or join us in Matrix.

I want to thank @deckbsd who has helped with a lot of fixes to get us to this point!


…one quick note, the data itself in -dev can be randomized filler at times. The focus here is on usability and functionality, whereas the data in prod is more factual.

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Ground station map broken seems to affect the new site as well (or maybe the maps page isn’t implemented yet?). Should I report it on the new-ui milestone?

Yeah looks to be the case - I’ll see if I can fix this for both this weekend, no need to file a new one.

I think we’ll want to revert some of our CSP settings until Safari catches up past the deprecation…

@mfalkvidd working again for you in db-dev now?

The map also now works on chrome on Windows 10 when using dev.

Yes, looks good. Randomtexttobeabletosubmit.