Hello! Introduction and question

Good morning all. I wanted to introduce myself to the group and say “thank you” in advance for all of the sage advice you have for me as I get my station running. I’m Darrell, W4CX in Raleigh, NC. I’ve been playing around with hamsats for a few years and am now re-configuring my station as a SatNOGS GS.

Is this the place to post “newbie” questions? I hope so. I have alot! Looking forward to knowing the group and getting my station (GS 308) on the air. 73, Darrell W4CX …


Ask away Darrell. You can ask here or if you need immediate answers then IRC / Matrix might suit as there’s always a few people about.


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Welcome, @windsaloft!!

Looks like you’re on the air! A couple of observations about your station (pun intended):

1 - you have a VHF antenna listed but some UHF observations scheduled… did you just recently remove a UHF antenna from your profile (if not I wonder if we have a bug allowing you to schedule UHF when we shouldn’t).

2 - I see consistent “bulging” in your doppler shift. This is typically due to a difference in the configured Lat/Long/Alt on a ground station and its actual location - you might check for a problem in your config - and then a strong signal like this should show up straightly corrected.

-Corey KB9JHU

Hi Corey…apologies for my tardy reply. yes, I removed the 432 antenna until I get DC to the mast preamp. I decided to run copper to it instead of thru the coax. Things should be fine once I get it, and will re-activate UHF. I may have fixed the bulging problem. If you find more on my observation, please let me know. Greatly appreciated.
Darrell (windsaloft)

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Looking good! (and FYI the FOX DUV observations should produce data packets with an upcoming client update, in another week or so)

I’d recommend running ‘sudo satnogs-setup’ and increasing the resolution of your latitude and longitude in the client itself (they seem correct in your network profile, but the client config is what really counts for the doppler correction). Right now you’re configured for about 235 miles away, so your doppler correction is still not quite right (though it isn’t as prominent on VHF as it would be for UHF).


Wow…I was WAY off! On the odd chance that this change might help my UHF capture, I’ll turn the UHF Cross Yagi back on even tho the LNA is unpowered. raining here today, else I’d be on the roof wiring the LNA power. Thanks for your advice.

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