Gpredict, Rotctld & Yaesu G5500DC: Elevation Mismatch


I am currently experiencing a problem with an elevation mismatch when reaching approximately above 164°. Gpredict shows 164°, for example, but the elevation of the rotator controller box and hamlib response indicates 179 or 180. Could this be related to the potentiometer of the controller box?

As interface, I am using an arduino Mega 2560 with K3GN Rotator controller code

Protocol for GS232B
Attached some pictures:

get and set mismatch of elevation at the bottom the elavation matches

gpredict reads other values

Elevation shows 179° or 180° while it should be 164°

Edit: Before working with gpredict and hamlib. I calibrated the controller box with the instructions of the manual (pressing the buttons and adjusting the potentiometer).


As this is related to the previous thread, I suggest this continues there, else it will be hard to follow if someone else wants to use this as help.

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I wasn’t sure whether I should post another thread about it, as I’ve encountered this new problem. If you have any ideas about the calibration of Hamlib or Gpredict, I would appreciate it if you add a reply in my other post.