First Lego League 2018/9 - Into Orbit

The First Lego League is run in the UK with the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET). The idea behind it is to merge Lego, Teamwork and STEM. This years topic is ‘Into Orbit’

It is a team exercise for 10 people between 9-16 years old. It comprises of 3 elements. A project, A challenge based on Lego Mindstorms and Core values (i.e. working together). Here’s a little video to help out.

As a STEM Ambassador I have been working with my local primary school to introduce coding, science and engineering to yr 4,5 & 6 (9,10 & 11 year olds) for the past 2 years. So naturally this time we will be making a SatNOGS ground station. It builds nicely on the work that we were doing last year on Micro:bit and python. You’d be surprised how comfortable a 9 year old is with the command line!

The project will be to understand what a satellite is, where it is and how it got there as well as what is it doing. We have listened into some of the ARISS Obs which they found amazing.

I’ll be posting a bit of progress as the project develops. We only started last week when I pitched the idea so there is a long way to go but local judging is in January and at the very least there will be a SatNOGS UHF GS in a primary school



After your ground station is done, build your own cubesat… (and please do it with a LEGO frame!!) :smiley:


(cc’ing @KU2Y in this thread)

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A LEGO CubeSat 1U frame is a great idea! :grinning:

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They’re only 10 years old :wink:

Today we’re building papercraft cubesat’s