AMSAT CubeSat Simulator


I don’t want to steal @KU2Y’s thunder but he hasn’t posted about this here yet and I think this community would be very interested.

At the AMSAT Symposium a few weeks back, Alan (@KU2Y) gave a presentation on the CubeSat Simulator he has worked on with Pat, N8PK.

It incorporates enough pieces to simulate a solar/battery powered cubesat that beacons telemetry data using a raspberry pi and an AX5043 board.

You can see his presentation about this on YouTube here (starting around 5:12:00).

Wiki and code for his project can be found at

Alan, the pics I took of your sim aren’t worthy of posting so if you have some to share please do!

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Thanks for posting about it, Corey. Here is the paper we wrote for the AMSAT Space Symposium about it:

And here’s some pictures of it:

And here’s some solar panel current telemetry from it:

It is still in the prototyping stage, and all the documentation isn’t there yet (I’m finalizing the schematic for the solar power board which I hope to post in the next week or so), but we are looking for feedback on the design and as an educational tool.

We’ve been pleased so far at the response. Next year, AMSAT plans to build at least four of the CubeSat Simulators and loan them out for educational/demo events.

Feel free to message me directly if you have any questions or reply here.


We should add a dashboard for this!

And, as I already responded on twitter: I want one :heart_eyes:


Done a bit of work on supporting this in the SatNOGS Eco-System:


What a great tool. Thanks for sharing. Now where is that credit card?


I also would like to thank for sharing. Great work!


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