Downloading data from Observations

Does anyone know how to use the API to download the decoded packet data for a specific satellite from the database from previous observations and for all future observations? Or is this something that I would need to write an app for?

Scraping pages like this is really not the most advisable way to get data from observations (or any other data for what is worth).

@jschach what exactly are you looking for? If it is demodulated data from a specific satellite, then might have all you need (to export data you need).

We have intentionally have not made a straightforward way to download demodulated data through an API, till we are able to support it in a sustainable way (which is coming really soon).


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@pierros Thank you for the reply! I think the SatNOGS Dashboard is exactly what I was looking for (good call on the coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:, linked below)


Hi @pierros, is the sustainable way up and running? I’d like to start batch downloading data in a friendly way. Looks like a URL like this works:

I can add filters for particular days etc. I’d like to write a script that grabs ALL the data and then accumulates it over time as new data arrives.

I’m happy to build a tool based off the URL above but was just wondering if is there a better, recommended method.


You won’t get all the data we get from there.
This is only the data in network, but DB might have more, e.g. from “telemetry forwarders” like DK3WN or gr-satellites. A proper way would be to implement a proper API endpoint and use some kind of auth to protect this endpoint from abuse.

I would not like to suggest using it, because it does the same what you are trying now, but it works already (and abuses network :wink: - that’s the reason I’m not suggesting the use of it) - do you know glouton?

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Thanks for the information. I am not familiar with glouton but I will certainly review it. Looks like some good lessons in the code.