Deployments on 2018-10-29

6 Satellites have been deployed earlier today from two different rocket missions.

1st rocket mission:
CubeBel-1 (BSUSat-1) which I added with the temp norad id 99995.
The first results are not good, except a couple of observations that show some signal which could be also another satellite, all the rest are bad. However it seems that the preliminary TLE weren’t very accurate, so probably this is the reason we didn’t catch it. There are reports of it transmitting in twitter, with some new TLE that are going to be tested in the next observations.

2nd rocket mission:
TENKOH with 99971 temp norad id. We got it from the preliminary TLE they gave still with doppler curve. Waiting for new TLE for better reception

PROITERES-2 with 99972 temp norad id. For some reason all the scheduled observations of it were failed, not sure what cause the crash of the observations.

DIWATA-2 with 99973 temp norad id. Nothing heard from it but probably we are using the wrong TLE, as the ones used are the preliminary of Ten-Koh.

Stars-AO with 99974 temp norad id. We have got some observations with signal with doppler curve. Waiting for new TLE as we used the on of Ten-Koh

AUTcube 2 with 99975 temp norad id. Nothing heard from it but probably we are using the wrong TLE, as the ones used are the preliminary of Ten-Koh.

Please keep scheduling but share the time between the two in VHF and the three in UHF from the 2nd rocket mission.

Thank you, 73!



Thanks to @cgbsat we found the issue with PROITERES-2. It seems that gr-satnogs accept wpm only under 30. In this case wpm was 50, so it crashed every observation. I have temporarily removed the 50 wpm until we find out how this would work, so the future observations should be performed without any problem. I’m going to remove the failed observations but feel free to remove them for your station.

About CubeBel-1, there are more tweets and we have some signals on some of our observations.

About Stars-AO and Ten-Koh, still we get some signals but affected from doppler effect.

Nothing heard from Diwata-2 and AUTcube 2, maybe due to wrong TLE.


Added TLE as found in celestrak for all of the satellites.

The previous for CubeBel-1 are close to the chosen ones (2018-083E), while the preliminary for the 5 others are, as expected, far from the assigned ones (2018-084B-F). I’ve assigned the last ones based that these 5 deployed all together (compared with the other deployments of the rocket mission) and their deployment order.

The assignments above are guesses but will give better results as they are more accurate than the previous TLE. Also in this early stage doesn’t matter, as the cubesats are too close to each other that we allow us to catch them, even if they have the TLE of other cubesat in their group.

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Some updates:

PROITERES-2 wasn’t launched at all… according to and Gunter’s Space Page. So, I have it removed from db and network along with its observations.

Still nothing heard from AUTcube2 and DIWATA-2. The rest three are still transmitting and I have updated their TLEs according to some visual calculations I have done. So, 18083E for CubeBel-1, 18084J for STARS-AO and 18084G for TEN-KOH.

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