Changing Norad ID for RADSAT-G

We have recently started seeing some signs of life on a different ID number than what we originally registered RADSAT-G with on SatNOGS. We have been tracking it for 4 days from Bozeman and now believe that we have been tracking the wrong ID with SatNOGS. Is it possible to change our ID number for RADSAT-G to 43553?

The other information that might be of interest is below. But I don’t think any of that is different from what is currently in SatNOGS.

Baud rate: 19.2k baud
Frequency: 437.425MHz
Modulation method: GMSK
Protocol for the data: AX.25

Any help would be appreciated!

Brock LaMeres
Montana State University


Thank you for the info, I’ve changed the NORAD ID we follow for RADSAT-G to 43553, I’ve updated the transmitter info in DB too and I’ve scheduled several observations for the next 48h.

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Thank you for making the change. When I look at the observations, I still see “99963 - RADSAT-G”. Is that going to update at some point? I am seeing a different waterfall pattern after the change that is looking like what I expected. So maybe the NORAD ID is changed but just the text on the observation page hasn’t updated?

Its still assigned a temporary ID in the DB but for the TLE used in observations its following 43553.

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Ok great. I see the updated ID in the TLE. Thank you.