Calibration of the G-5500 rotator

Hi all, I’m trying to calibrate the readings of the rotator in the K3NG rotator controller software.

Firstly, the rotator is able to rotate. I placed tape markings at the most CCW positions (0 degs) to verify the readings on the controller box, and the physical readings for azimuth is fine. The elevation reading dial is not working, but still rotates.

I’ve been trying to calibrate the azimuth readings in the K3NG code, and I’ve been using the command O (Azimuth offset calibration) and F (Azimuth full scale calibration) to calibrate the rotator. Whenever I use O, it sets the calibrated angle to 180 and not 0. F also just gives some other seemingly random angle.

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Did you read the recent thread on this topic ? it sounds very similar. O2 and F2 should be used for Alt and you need to enable the Alt in K3NG rotator.