BIRDS-3 deploy from ISS at 17th June - 2019-06-17

We have three new satellites deployments from ISS tomorrow 2019-06-17 at 8:35 UTC:

Please avoid to schedule ISS passes for 48h after the deployment time if you don’t really need them. The reason is that the initial TLE for these three satellites will be the ISS ones and we are going to use these passes for trying to receive them.

I’m going to add the satellites in later today.

JAXA announced BIRDS-3 satellites, NepaliSat-1 (Nepal), Raavana-1
(Sri Lanka) and Uguisu (Japan), deploy from ISS at 17th June.

The live will be start at 0835z on YouTube.

The three satellites operate on same frequency.
437.375MHz CW beacon, GMSK 4800bps

More info is on BIRDS-3 Project web site.

Happy chasing!

Masa JN1GKZ Tokyo Japan



It looks like that more satellite are going to be deployed on that time, probably from the cargo that recently has been arrived to ISS

From details in the youtube link and this jaxa announcement (no english announcement yet) there is one more cubesat that will be deployed:

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All the satellites are in db with temporary norad ids from 99985 to 99987.

SpooQy-1 IARU entry says that it is uncoordinated, even if it is in the list of coordinated ones. I’ve found and added two frequencies from and I’ll schedule a couple of observations to check if they are transmit on one of those.

As the cubesats are going to transmit in UHF, the above is valid only for the stations that have a UHF antenna :slight_smile:.

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Observations are scheduled, ~120 for each of the Birds-3 group for ~30h after the deployment at 8:35 UTC and ~30 for each of the frequencies of SpooQy-1 for ~9h after the deployment.

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I will be starting Chicago 2 up on the dual band again to try and provide data. (And So I can test some stuff for my Green Station build.)

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BIRDS-3 are all deployed successfully and are heard. There seems to be an overlap between two of them. They are expected to transmit in different timeslots on the same frequency.

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Note that the frequencies are slightly offset, so even with an overlap they may be decodable still (possibly not with gr-satnogs).

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FWIW I have the raw IQ for a couple of NepaliSat-1 obs saved (thanks to Fredy):

possibly Raavana-1 in a few hours

Have in mind that on these observation you linked, you have all the three BIRDS-3 as they transmit on the same frequency :slight_smile:

Maybe we can use these IQ files for checking our GMSK decoder. cc @surligas @Sleepwalker

Yes, there is enough difference they make different cw tones, visible here (ignore meaningless freq):

Was able to pick out:
4-13 cw: JG6YLE BIRDS3 JP7C68 A5… (into noise)
3-30 cw: …6YLG BIRDS3 SL7E90 …
5-30 cw: G6YLG upper tone

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Good example of them spread out:

Was able to decode CW for all three (raw IQ in gqrx, noise reduce and half tempo in audacity because I’m not very fast at CW)
JG6YLE BIRDS3 JP838D A481C56443
works in the cw analysis software and submitted for QSL cards.

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SpooQy-1 has been found at 436.2MHz and has been added to the network.