Bandpass Filter

Hi! I’m just going to share two pictures and short info about the bandpass filter that one of our members at eLab Hackerspace developed:

Here’s the info that I have currently:

  • The plot shows the spectrum from 0.1MHz to 1GHz
  • The filter is tuned for 433MHz
  • Bandwidth of 10MHz
  • No ripple
  • Insertion losses of 2dB
  • “Last minimum attenuation” of 40dB (I don’t know if this term is correct, it was translated from portuguese)

How does it work? At the moment I have no idea… this RF stuff is like black magic to me. As soon as I get more info from the author I’ll update this topic (or maybe I’ll try to get the author to come here and provide more info himself)


Awesome work! Let us know when designs are available so we can replicate this and test it too!

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