Automatically decode audio


I’m new to the radio capturing. But…

Why audio data (like this one ) is not automatically decoded, parsed and stored as telemetry?

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Actually there is work done for such features both in db and in client. Isn’t that right @comzeradd and @surligas?

Yes, the plan is ultimately to have automatic demod through decode. We are still working out the kinks in the demod stage (and just had a meeting about the client today where we discussed that).

Hopefully we will get there soon! In the meantime if you have experience coding in gnuradio and/or python we can aways use the help!

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…and this is being tracked at

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I don’t have experience in gnuradio and python, but I would be happy to join! I have vast experience in distributed computation and java :slight_smile:

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I would also like to have the telemetry decoded (on real time). And then forwarded to an IP and port.
That is my wish list.

I have coded in Python in the past, but I can help, just let me know.


yes, this is pretty much the goal - data collected from a satellite capture is automatically decoded and uploaded to that satellite’s entry in

While that final piece of automatic decode and uploading is not quite done yet (close), this is what it will end up like, dashboards and all: New DB Release (Telemetry, Stats, and more)