Antenna for non-rotator ground station

Hi, I am new to SATNOGS. I would be happy if you could help me with my questions. Which antenna should I choose for the non-rotator station for both VHF and UHF bands for CubeSat communication? Can I use a turnstile antenna? And also the link where I can buy online?

Turnstile is ok but why not build a QFH? I’ve tried them all and found my home made QFH antenna the best. I use them for VHF and UHF with a couple of LNA4ALL pre-amps.


Simple answer is yes you can use a turnstile and quite a few (including me) do use them. I have a VHF and UHF set of GS’s, just like what you are thinking about but the difference is I have a nice (Wimo) turnstile for the VHF and an el cheapo UHF (eBay - none to link to but they appear every now and again. If the TA-1 is a bit expensive then I started with the AMSAT Funcube antenna.

I think the cheaper ones are from a similar source and stanislavpalo130 on eBay is a good source of reasonable antennas

Hope this helps (you’re bound to get a bunch of other opinions too :wink:


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Is there any turnstile antenna that can receive both 137 MHZ and 430 MHZ range satellite signal in one antenna?

Is there any place where I can buy online instead of home made one for VHF and UHF bands?

I’ve seen a few dual band ones on eBay in the past. Not sure how well they perform. Wimo also supply QFH antennas

Nagara also sell commercially made QFH antennas (QFH 144 and QFH 430, with a QFH 243 that bundles one of each on a short cross-boom).

My main purpose is to communicate with cubesats in VHF and UHF without rotators. How about this one, does anyone has experienced with this antenna or is it okay if I go with this dual turnstile antenna?

I would be happy if you could suggest the right cables and preamplifier.