Tests of the Wimo TA-1 VHF Turnstile antenna


Few months ago I started looking at various omni-directional antennas for satellite use and came across the TA-1 Turnstile antenna from Wimo. It caught my attention because:

  1. It looks different
  2. Promises 4 dB gain at low elevations
  3. The price 80€ seems reasonable (compare it to e.g. the quad-helix just below it)

I finally had a chance to test the antenna few weeks ago. I took it with me to my parents’ farm which has even less noise than my place. This way I could focus on testing the antenna rather than fighting noise :wink:

The results are amazing. It really does receive well at low elevations. In most cases I could receive NOAA APT signals already at -1 degree elevation, thanks to atmospheric refraction.

I am including a few photos and screenshots below. Please see this collection on Flickr for more photos and screenshots.

Edit: There is now an article on my website with more details:


Nice one!!

Wonder how easy it’d be to homebrew a copy??? :wink: :wink:

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I’ll be happy to make it available for you to take measurements, but you will have to come here :grin:


I think I have enough info now :wink: :wink:
Will experiment and see how I go :slight_smile:

Way better results than the AMSAT UK one I have

I have a very similar one (eBay) to the AMSAT UK.
2 antennas, 2m & 70cm was only $AUD150 delivered.

I can’t afford/justify the $AUS180 delivered for a single antenna from Wimo.

Hello @csete and thanks for the very thorough analysis!

Just a naive question from my part… In the pictures I cannot understand what type of connector is used by the specific antenna. Or (even worse) it is just a cable and I have to install my self a connector?


Mine came with a PL female connector, which surprised me. I was expecting no connector since the product page lists several connectors that can be purchased for the cable. If you want to be absolutely sure, ask Wimo before purchase.

Thank you @csete, I’ll do that !

Hello Alex, interesting article!

OZ1BXM Lars Petersen, Holstebro

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Oh yes, there is actually an article now with more details:

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Ground station 38 - Technikraum Lanzenhäusern also uses this turnstile antenna and they have some good receptions, see for example observation 92396