We have migrated to a new site. This is still based on mediawiki, but with a more user-friendly skin, more dev-friendly WYSIWYG editor, and Libre Space Foundation single-sign-on. We have migrated all old content so contributors edits and credits all remain.

To remind you what it used to be:

The new interface is cleaner and matches our other bootstrap-based apps. The new user interface menu links to content that matters to our visitors rather than mediawiki cruft (did anyone ever really click on “Random Page”?). And, these links are quickly and easily available across all pages:

We have added the VisualEditor plugin which provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface when editing. “Edit Source” will always be an option for those who prefer wiki format. Its not 100% perfect and editors are still constrained to wiki format capabilities, but it is a HUGE improvement. Being able to upload, place, and annotate images within a page edit alone will be a big benefit to our hardware how-to’s:

In addition, the bootstrap theme also brings us bootstrap glyphicon support. We use glyphicons across our other sites as well so it will be good to incorporate the same look-and-feel into our wiki docs too. The only catch here is that they work by entering the source into a wiki page, so they can’t be added via the visual editor. For example (in wiki markup):

== [ <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-save"></span> Download]==

Will get you this:


What’s next?

There is still a bit of organization and curation to do, which I hope to get to this weekend, so expect more changes to come.

Check out the new wiki. If you have a LSF login account (for this forum site) then you can click “Login” to get into the new wiki and help with improving documentation.

I want to take a moment to credit some wiki authors who have made contributions in the last month: @DL4PD @saintaardvark @azisi @Jason @jomicabo @kerel


One more thing to note - the mediawiki username that will get auto-generated is based on the username portion of your email address, not the username you have in our auth0 system. I haven’t found a way around this without having to work on upstream code, so I hope this is an acceptable difference.