Amazon ground stations

For what it’s worth, Amazon is offering turn key ground stations at prices to be determined as described in the following link:

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Data from space, the libre way

SatNOGS is maintained by the Libre Space Foundation, a non-profit built to develop and promote open source space technologies and open access to space-related data. The passion we have for space and open source is what drives us, and we are proud of the community that has been built around SatNOGS. Over the past four years of development, the SatNOGS community has grown to more than 100 ground stations around the world with more than 2000 satellite observations per day.

On November 27th, Amazon announced the AWS Ground Station service. Like other companies who are currently operating ground stations as a service, this will allow satellite operators to receive their data using proprietary and closed-source technologies. The SatNOGS community is focused on building a ground station network that provides downlinked satellite data to researchers and operators worldwide, in an open way and free of charge. As we have for four years, SatNOGS will continue to serve organizations and missions that value the openness of science and data.

With Amazon and other companies entering this space, our vision for SatNOGS remains the same: to advance open technologies and open data for space by creating the best and largest open source satellite ground station network.

We will continue to develop in the open, and invite all space and satellite enthusiasts to join us!


This was just a “heads up, fyi” item that was passed to me. I am 100% behind SatNOGS and open source!

We have a complete ground station set up here in Oak Ridge, TN and are working to get it one the air and part of SatNOGS.


Oh, no worries @butchalline - this was something we were planning on posting and sharing, you just beat us to the punch! I hope you don’t take the post as reacting to your post or you personally, I felt it best to keep it all in the same thread in case there was more discussion.

Glad to have you here!