Addition of BIRDS-1 Constellation to DB & BPSK9k6

Two requests in one post :slight_smile:

First: Could the BIRDS-1 constellation be added to the DB? This is a series of cubesats transmitting in sequence on 437.375 MHz (FM). See here for (some) information:

A bit of digging suggests the constellation NORAD IDs are #42820 through #42824, though im not sure they know which number is which sat. It may be best to just pick the ‘middle’ one (42822) and see how we go.

Second: Could a ‘BPSK9k6’ modulation field be added to the DB? I’m working on a flowgraph for LilacSat-1, which needs to be output at a 12 kHz IF (as opposed to the current 1.5 kHz IF for BPSK1k2).

Mark VK5QI

I have added the mode. As for the new satellites, I am not yet familiar with the proper procedure, so I will let somebody else take care of that.

I added BIRD-B and BIRD-M today per New DB additions

I stuck with those as @DK3WN had identified NORAD IDs for them on his site. If you want we can set the others up with temp IDs and try to match their TLEs manually, but I figure BIRD-B and BIRD-M were launched separately yet along with the others so this should give us something to hunt down while other TLEs are figured out.

Thanks for the ask!
-Corey KB9JHU