About connecting the rotator to the Raspberrypi.

Hello, everyone.
I am currently working on a SATNOGS rotator V3. I’ve already built the Raspberrypi and SDR, but I can’t find any documentation on connecting the SATNOGS rotator controller to the Raspberrypi and I don’t know how to do it. Is it possible to automatically track the satellites with signals from the Raspberrypi when actually operating it? I would like to have detailed documentation.

It sure is possible, I’ve done it in several slightly different variations with a Yaesu g-5500. Unfortunately I don’t see any detailed instructions on how to do it on the satnogs wiki.
If you want the most of the rotator I suggest running rotctld with the appropriate parameters to make it available on your network, then connecting to it with satnogs-client.

In any case, the following variables are relevant from Client_Setup:
And if directly connected: SATNOGS_ROT_BAUD

These are passed to rotctl so the settings are specific to hamlib.
There’s a example on how to test it here CNC_Shield_Based_Rotator_Controller
Also see relevant thread