ABB box supplier

Hey Guys,

Just tried to order some ABB boxes you described. could not find a ‘reasonable priced’ source on the web that delivers to the Netherlands. where do you order from?

73 PA7T / Clemens

I’ve got the same problem, I really want to help with making this, but I can’t find a good suplier for the Netherlands. I do have acces to tons of 3D printers (Working at Ultimaker has perks ;)).

Printing the box is not really an option unfortunately :frowning:
We are trying to find a global option for the box. Basically the specs are:

  • Dimensions: 310x240x110mm (aprox)
  • Sealing: IP55 (or above)

Electrical enclosures (like the one from ABB we use) seem to be a good fit. Possibly though we need to move to a custom made solution from wood or aluminum or acrylic. Suggestions are deeply welcome :smile:

Why wouldn’t printing be an option? It’s not that hard to get printed objects water tight, especially not for ABS (you can treat them with acetone). If you give the box in multiple parts you can simply glue them together.
Even PLA (and other printable materials) can be coated with PVC glue, making them watertight (and in the case of PLA, more resistant to degrading).

If someone can get a 3D model of the box with the right shapes etc, I could run some enviorement tests with it.

Hey nallath,

I can try making a box design in CAD, if you like, and send it to you? At least I cannot print it as our printers are too small …
What is the problem with ABS and watertightness? If you make a proper design with for instance a rubber seal there should not be a problem!

Cheers PA7T / Clemens

Well, printing them in pieces should be possible. Ultimakers have build a volume of ~20x20x20. PLA and watertightness can be a problem as it’s biodegradable (it won’t last outside long).

But if you could make the file, that would be awesome.

I rather thought of two big pieces on an oversized printer…

Well, experimenting is why open source works :slight_smile:

did you think of something like that:

each of the four pieces should be printable without overhang. assembly incl. glueing with acetone could be done, too, in my eyes. let me know what you think.

That should work. Even PLA should work if you coat it with PVC glue afterwards (as it leaves a thin layer of PVC over the pla, ensuring its watertight).

Can you share the files somewhere ( for instance)?

Hmm never used such platforms before, probably worth a try…
For the moment I will move it to another thread, as soon as I have a lid for it, I will post a link.

@pierros: why is printing something like that no option for you?

I suppose it will cost a lot to 3d print such common part. Guess it might be found somewhere on the net with proper dimensions/specifications.

You are absolutely right, but tell me where I can buy one or two boxes for a good price including shipping :slight_smile:

Just found one on

See model number: SP-F10.

Minimum order quantity 100…

Looks like Walker Industrial has the original box they list a part number for, they run about $20 per box including shipping. Also, if you want the same box WITHOUT pre-drilled holes that don’t line up, it looks like this one is the exact same one minus the holes+plugs (I’ve spied some pics of this box already being used). (Edit: Walker Industrial takes 26 days for THEM to get the part, then they ship it to you)

If you want to understand the coding that ABB uses for their low voltage enclosure part numbers, this guide is for you.


Thanks for the info. I was rather looking for someone within EU.

So I pinged Walker Industrial after realizing I never got a shipping confirmation. Good thing, they were silently waiting for me to confirm my order because it takes 26 days for them to get the part. So anyway, canceled that and I’m trying this similarly sized enclosure from Ebay (310mmx230mmx110mm).

Digging on Ali-Express, I found another enclosure which ships to the Netherlands and most other locations too. It’s about 29 Euro with free shipping, 320240110mm (10mm taller), but otherwise the same dimensions and water-tight (no predrilled conduit holes too). It doesn’t look like that particular listing has sold any yet, but other sellers carry the same box. The search term is “IP65 Plastic Junction Box 320”.

I hope this is useful.

Looks ok but be aware that you need to do something with those 10mm. You can edit the files to make them bigger or you may want to try something like a spacer.

I must be missing something, it’s the longest diemension that is longer by 10mm, the only thing that would need to change is the length of the PVC going out of the bottom of the box. I didn’t see any need to adjust the STL’s with this. Same thing for the Ebay box, it’s shorter by 10mm in the same dimension, just move the gear boxes closer together. The shortest dimension for both of these is 110mm which should be the same as the original ABB box. Again, sorry if I’m being thick here.