ABB box supplier

Sorry, my fault. You don’t need to make the pipe bigger, is better all the mechanism to be at the bottom side and the electronics on the upper. In that way if you have a leak and watter get in, the electronics are protected.

Any reason not to laser cut an enclosure our of acrylic and waterproof it? Not sure how I would go about waterproofing it but I have access to a laser cutter and would be willing to try it. Worst case scenario it’s another option available?

If you have the time and the experience working with laser and acrylics I think is a good idea to give it a try, let us informed with your process a bee free to ask whatever you want. (about satNOGS)

Hello everyone,
I am part of the Valparaiso Team in Indiana. We were thinking of doing a big group order from walker industries if anyone else was interested.

Maby we should start a new thread for this? Anyway, don’t forget that Walker Industrial takes 26 days to stock the part, then tac on shipping time to you on top of that. Are you guys going to source the original part or the model without pre-cut holes?

I caved on the timeline and ordered the one from ebay above.

though it might not hurt to buy a handful of them and stash away for future groups?

For Europe RS-Online might be a reasonable supplier. Shipping is free over 50€ otherwise 6.90€. Box prixe is around 22€.

FYI, I just got one of the boxes off of Ebay and found that the 110mm dimension is the OUTSIDE height. It’s about 8mm too short inside for the existing axis-sides to fit. I think I can squeeze that much height out of some redesigned axis sides so that I can still use what I bought at least, but it’s not ideal.

Looking through Digikey for something approximately of the size needed. Looks like this is a promising candidate. Anyone see any reason why this wouldn’t work before I hit buy?

Looks like the inside dimension is 135mm which is tall enough. You’d just need to add spacers for the axis sides of course, and that’s easier then making them shorter.

What about this one? It does seem to have the same measurements but lacks the pre-drilled holes. Win-win?

You are absolutely right, its exactly the same thing without the holes. You can go for the one without acrylic front and get it for 20€ even.
It seems RS has the whole ABB sortiment. Yay.

Are you sure 110mm is inner dimension of the box from rs-online?
Probably we could only change the high of the axis sides and use boxes from China? Is it a good idea ?

I bought the box from RS @planetsofa mentioned and can confirm all dimensions given are internal dimensions. The photo from RS is terrible though, here is what it actually mine looks like.

Anyone have another source for a compatible box in the US? My order from Walker that I placed back in February has been delayed until the end of April at the earliest, and I’d really like something sooner than that. Was going to go for the eBay box, but that seller is out of stock, and the US arm of RS (Allied) does not appear to carry any of the ABB boxes.

You can try looking for the specific product id, or which worked even better for me the EAN from the box. (as here .
I have found a lot of retailers who had this product in stock for business customers. Maybe give them a call and say its for a good purpose (for you!) :slight_smile:

Thanks for that tip. Still wasn’t able to find the ABB box, but I dug around some more and ended up buying another box on eBay which looks like it should work:

Dimensions appear to be close enough that only minor changes to the parts will be needed. Only thing that may be a little tricky is cutting the bottom hole through that support pillar. But at least I’ll have the box next week!

Just as an FYI, I can confirm that this second ebay box is identical to the one I linked to earlier in this thread, I have them both side-by-side.

Also note that there is a rib in the middle of the “bottom” side when the box is mounted. This means that you will either have a lot of dremel work to do or you will have to mount your vertical gear box off-center. The down-side to dremeling the rib out is that it creates a huge opening to the outside as the rib is hollow, so making the mount off-center seems much more practical to me (and is the route I have taken).