Yagi antenna material

Hi there!
I have just completed my v3 rotator, and I’m now about to make my antenna. As my goal is first to connect to the ISS, I wanted to make a 145mhz Yagi Antenna. I have found the v3 on gitlab https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-antennas/tree/master/Yagi/Yagi-VHF-v3

All is good about the dimensions, but my question is about the material. Should it be copper, brass, alu? Does it make a difference? Thanks a lot!

In general I go for aluminium. Easy to work with and nice and cheap


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Thanks a lot Alex! I will build it in the upcoming days and share the result!

Forgot to mention. There are some really pricey grades of Al. mainly for aerospace. No need to get these grades. Cheap is generally good enough for our needs