Yaesu Rotator Connection

Hello there!

I am building my groundstation and the last piece to the puzzle that I need to figure out is the rotator. I have a Yaesu G-5500 rotator, and a Yaesu GS-232B controller. The controller uses RS 232 serial connection, but I bought a converter so that it goes from a serial connection to USB.

I have no idea what I am doing in terms of installing the firmware/ what commands to use so any advice in that area would be great!

Also, for others using a Yaesu, I am curious as to how you connected this to your RPi, whether by converter cable using USB like I did, or some other method.

Hello @elkins_ka,

I am running a YAESU G5400 rotator connected through a G6LVB Tracker via USB to serial converter.
The USB to serial converter is connected to a dedicated RasPi, so I can easily take one of my groundstations off or switch the antennas from one to the other, or even use them with my amateur radio trx! As “controller software” I am using rotctl. You can find a lot of info on this on the internet.

If you have problems getting rotctl running, please feel free to ask.


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Thanks! My initial question is: So when using the rotator for a SatNOGS observation, does the rotator automatically track the satellite/adjust to the right AZ/EL? That is the goal that I am working towards in trying to figure this out.


Just kidding I figured it out-- I just used the wrong code in the satnogs-setup menu.

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