Yaesu G-5500DC Elevation Problem

Hey there I am facing some problem with my ground station in couple months. I have a Yaesu G-5500DC and its contoller with GS-232b. Problem is Elevation rotator is not properly react for perticular degrees. In the first sight, i thought there is a rotator problem in the first place and I tear a part the elevation rotator and there is no problem with it. Than do some measurement while elevation rotator try to move and everything seems right. After these acts I decided to contact with my dealer than I send my all system to my dealer. My dealer said: We are done some test with both rotator and they are working properly. All voltages on the external controller rear sockets match to the values values in the manual. No issues. I said them i think there is a issues is the gs-232b and they are said we tested with PC but we cannot sure is it fully working or not.

Elevation Rotator act like that: While HRD send commands to the rotator elevation is always stalling but azimuth is always track properly. Elevation is stuck at 1 degree. I found that funny thing while i make some sat trackking sessions; When auto tracking is performing azimuth is fine but elevation is stuck at 1 degree when i press the down swtich while elevation goes up its reacting and set the right value like ex: elevation is stuck at 1 degree but it should be at 15 degree when i press down button it rise up the 15 degree and its tracking properly after that switch pressing. The problem is it needs to be automatic because I need to track satellites 24/7.

My system is out of warranty right now. So there is the question: How can I fully sure there is a problem in GS-232B or really there is a problem in the gs-232b. I am thinking to buy new contoller but i’m not fully sure there is a problem with gs-232b and its make my decision hard.

If you have any comment or advice. Let me know. Also if you have any question about my setup I can give any information about it. I can run any test you ask then i can update here when im done. All help are appreciate.