Yaesu G-5500 Controller

My G5400 has died, Can I use a G-5500 controller for the G5400 rotators?
Any other options/replacements? There is a G-5500 controller listed on a auction site.
Last option is to purchase a new G-5500 controller and rotators


Hi Fred,

please tell us what function is not working anymore. Did the magic smoke escape? Only one rotator - EL or AZ - does not turn? There is no complicated circuit installed into the G-5400 controller.

I checked G-5400 and G-5500 schematics and would say that with an additional motor start capacitor for KR-400 azimuth rotator the G-5500 should turn your system.

73, Norbert

Thanks for the reply. Both have stopped box powers on ie lights are on. I have a G-5500 Arduino Shield attached and have been working on K3NG code. I disconnected the shield and tried the switches without any movement. The system controller and rotors are setting on my bench for testing. I’m not much of a hardware guy more of a software guy, but did manage to build the shield. What I would like is a ‘box’ that replaces the G5400 controller that I could write software for to control the rotators.


I would check the 24 to 28 VAC motor supply. Check the wiring from the transformers secondary winding to the switches RY1 through RY4.
Download the manual here: http://www.aribra.it/manuals/Yaesu%20G5400_G5600.pdf

Thanks for your help. I hosed up something does not work. It is time to order G5500, not sure what to do with rotators from G5400. Think I should stick with software.


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