X-Y rotor setup

Could someone show me how to make a X-Y rotor in stead of the EL/AZ configuration.

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Do you want to make one or would it be easier to use a commercial version? There is a bit to think about in terms of antennas as well as the software.

I am a poor fellow, have you considered the cost of a commercial XY system??

Following a overhead satellite might give some problems on the Azimuth Rotor i nam told on a North to South or vice versa

They may not be as expensive as you think. I picked one up for £40 a few years ago.

Choice of antenna would be important but I was reading this article a little while ago and it looked interesting, especially for Az only set ups.

I am intending to receive HRPT from satellites that requires a dish antenna. This is the one i have

I see now. Thats going to take a bit of thinking about. There is one ground station that uses a dish, not sure who’s it was