Wxtomig better results on APT audio files

I know it’s off topic.

My plan is to implement wxtoimg to the whole APT thing. When I do this manualy

sudo sox satnogs_138516_2018-05-18T08-58-55.ogg output.wav rate 11025 && sudo wxtoimg -e HVCT output.wav noaaHVCT.png

I get way better results:

The pictures of gr-APT-script are half rounded etc. p. p.:


I hope I can do it automaticaly…

The “roundedness” is a known issue and is being worked on. At some point it worked without “roundedness”, see for example this observation.

It is of course possible to run wxtoimg instead. I have been doing that on my station almost a year now, but it did require code changes that I now have to maintain when satnogs software is updated.

Hey Alex.

My plan was to hook the wxtoimg thingy into

def rename_ogg_file(self):
if os.path.isfile(self.observation_raw_file):
logger.info('Rename encoded file for uploading finished')

of observer.py…

yes, it’s no problem to do that, but you will have to keep your changes up to date when satnogs-client is updated.

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May be you have some unwanted feature in your dev:

My fault. Wrong name to right pic,

hello csete,i got you aptdec project on github yesterday,but it can’t work now,the output show there are no initsnd/initalsa/endsample interface, my env is ubuntu 18,do you got any suggesetion for me ,thanks.